Ugajin Akira

Classical Guitar Maker

Master Akira Ugajin 

 I had a guitar lesson from Akira Ugajin teacher at the time of the student.   From the time I was an early guitar production, I have gotten a valuable advice.

His use instrument is the 1978 Fleta (Ignacio Fleta e hijos). And listen to the performance of the teacher, you can see that to demonstrate the strong performance of this instrument in fully.

Instruments must meet the claim of the musicians, to have the strength to fulfill it, and I think it is essential. Akira Ugajin and Fleta in its part, has become a production on the foundation for me.

Also excellent in education, Yoshinori Horii, also has produced excellent guitarist as such Sakai Takayoshi Messrs. In parallel, also are working huge amount of time for the successful management of the Japan Federation of guitars and the Tokyo International Guitar Competition. He has a multi-faceted effort in order to enrich the guitar world.

More than 40 years as a guitarist,I pray for your continued success.

Atsushi Yamamoto               

宇賀神 昭 Akira Ugajin 



'48 Born in Kamakura. Under the guidance in N. Yepes's '75 years in Japan, it performs a debut recital at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall in the same year in May.
Thereafter, the memorial recital debut 10 years at the 1986 Tokyo ABC Hall and Osaka youth Kaikan Hall. '91 Again, received a lesson from N. Yepes's.
'96 He held a 20th anniversary recital from the debut, in the "Yokohama morinoie Hall"
Recital at the 1999 Hamarikyu Asahi Hall, in '04 Minato Mirai Hall "Ugajin Akira , Horii Yoshinori guitar evening",
In '06 Suzuki Iwao guitar exhibition, Mr. Shomura Kiyoshi, and Mr. Shibasaki Kenji such as co-star.
'08 '09 '14, Played in Italy
'15 He held a debut 40th anniversary recital in Ginza Yamaha Hall. Mr.Shomura Kiyoshi was greeted as a guest.
In the meantime, in Kamakura is a hub of activity, 100 times hosted a salon concert for the spread of the guitar.
He has continued to concert activities and teaching activities.
'72 He is engaged in the Public Interest Incorporated group corporation japan Federation of Guitarists. He is concurrently serving as executive director and secretary-general, committed to prospered of Japan guitar world.


Ugajin music office
Ugajin guitar classroom
 2-20-31 IWO3F Ofuna Kamakura,  247-0056 Japan









Debut recital Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall









yepes 2

Akira Ugajin (left) ,Shinichi Kurihara , Mikio Housido  and Narciso Yepes