Guitar repair Harmonic bar crack

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Guitar repair Harmonic bar crack

Takamine 1981

Ta 81 a003





Hello. It seems bar at the bottom of the sound hole is broken. 





    Yeah. Where the grain of the bar is distorted, it has cracked. 










Can you repair?






I can do it.。

Since the direction of the crack is perpendicular to the sound board, the adhesive only does not have the strength. 

There is a need to reinforce after adhering cracking.











I’m begging you.






Yes, sir.









Ta 81 a003

jitaku2010-12-24№(002)b At first I sharpen the harmonic bar after having glued together.
It is to glue a reinforcing structure.





Ta 81 a004 I put sandpaper on the board which I put together and make a grinder giving a plane exactly.





Ta 81 a005 Polishing the bar in the tool, create a plane.






Ta 81 a001

 plane came out. Be aware of the polishing Works too. Since the strength is reduced.

The cracked part we can see that there are many tar component.



jitaku2010-12-24№(001)bAll you need to do now is to bond the reinforcing material.







 Ta 81 a000 It was bonded.













Thank you for your request to repair.






2016052313-17-08 Thank you.